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Lunch time
605x635 79K JPEG

drawn by "Dayna May"
Man's Ranma might be called "Ran-chan" with familiarity. All girls who call him "Ran-chan" likes him very much! (^ ^) Because Ranma is very attractive, many girls are courting Ranma. Akane likes Ranma, too. But she cannot confess obediently to him! Instead, she makes the lunch for him.

Girl's Ranma
605x627 60K JPEG

drawn by "Dayna May"
Here's 5 pictures which Dayna May drew have been colored with a watercolor paints. The color of those pictures is light, they makes her picture good atmosphere. The fanart of portrait of this girl's Ranma is also extremely attractive!

Ran-chan and Panda
552*660 53K JPEG

drawn by "Dayna May"
This is very comical Ranma and a panda! Ranma is often called "Ran-chan". It is his nickname. The panda is his father. His father replies to the panda when he bathed in water.

725x718 65K JPEG

drawn by "Holly-Beth"
Mr.Tofu falls in love with Kasumi. He becomes shy very much in front of Kasumi, so he cannot talk straight with Kasumi.

197x360 30K GIF

drawn by "Holly-Beth"
P-chan is an appearance after Ryoga's transforme. Ryoga keeps his character after it is transformed as P-chan. He takes a bath and has go to bed with Akane, so he feels very happy, but he is not satisfied in the position as the pet.

Akane wearing a wedding dress
737x1079 128K JPEG

drawn by "anna-neko"
Akane is a very active girl. However, she also yearns a bride clothes as well as other girls. If she put on the wedding dress at her wedding, she will be one of the most beautiful women. By the way, who becomes her formal husband?

920x1137 125K JPEG

drawn by "Rio"(りお)
Male Ranma gets a lot of fans because he is very strong. This fanart is drawn by 15 years old girl who likes Ranma very much. It is the first fanart with a computer for her, she said.

Love Love Ranma!
440x615 85K JPEG

drawn by "Mari Mari"(マリマリ)
This Fan Art is made by a kind of collage. The technique expresses the charm of Ranma well. Actually, he is loved from a lot of fans..

Neko-Hanten Shampoo
480x723 86K JPEG

drawn by "Mari Mari"(マリマリ)
Shampoo has a very cheerful character. She is yearning for male Ranma, so she migrates to Japan and working in the Chinese dishes shop Neko-Hanten that was managed by her grandmother.
BTW, this Fan Art was drawn by a girl who is the same generation as Shampoo. It's quite cute and fresh!

Competing of boy and girl's Ranma
480x728 83K JPEG

drawn by "Komiya Rie"(小宮莉衣)
Ranma is usually a boy, but when he bathes a water, he transforms to a girl. At first, he disliked his transformed constitution. However, he came to become a girl sometimes willingly. Because, girl is often perquisite from boy!

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