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Shampoo as No.1
480x720 68K JPEG

draun by "Kouno Airi"(͖숣)
Shampoo is a quite strong-minded girl. She is very falling in love with Ranma. Her attack often dazzles him. She has many rivals to get Ranma, but she believes that she will get him finally.

Smile Seeing
480x715 78K JPEG

drawn by "Umineko"(CL)
Most girls drawn with Rumic World is very lovely. Their smile seeing often dazzles boys. They are always holding out when acquire girl's smile seeing.

Fantastic Space
480x715 76K JPEG

drawn by "Umineko"(CL)
As for Rumic World, it is often drawn a fantastic world. A girl, who is staying there is also quite fantastic. Is she experiencing the non-daily world?

Akane's wedding dress
466x434 125K JPEG

drawn by "Kimberly Guttman"
This is Akane fan art puting on the wedding dress. She adores to be wedding in the future. She suits any clothes because she is lovely. Especially, wedding dress suits for her very well.

an intense girl
848x1170 87K JPEG

drawn by "Hiiragi Tsubura"(A‚Ԃ)
This illustration was drawn by using computational graphic. It seems very passionate.

400x536 27K JPEG

drawn by "Kono Airi"(͖숣)
Akane holds a rabbit's needlework. She is very lovely, and the needlework is also cute!

400x461 47K JPEG

drawn by "Kuroda Kumi"(cv)
One of the charms of Ranma is beauty of her pupil. The design of a big pupil favors her charm more.

400x445 49K JPEG

drawn by "Kuroda Kumi"(cv)
Ukyo is a fiance of Ranma as well as Akane. She has a very positive character, herefore, she is insisting on the seat of a formal fiance.

a character
544x489 11K GIF

drawn by "tom"
This fan art is drawn in a very simple line,. The background is also simple. But the feature of the character is expressed well.

Akane at a waterside
600x800 73K JPEG

draun by "Tsukihara Miki"()
Akane is sitting at the waterside. Look at her pupil, they are very clear.

Rumic World Gallery

[Vol.1] [Vol.2] [Vol.3] [Vol.4]

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