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Inu-Yasha Fan Art

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Inu-Yasha NEW !
379x419 40K JPEG

drawn by "kana(かな)"
KInu-Yasha's cloths is red costumes that is an old, traditional design of Japan. It suits Inu-Yasha well and favors his charm.

512x384 11K GIF

drawn by "Kobayashi(小林)"
Kagome sometimes shuttles in the Civil Wars Age and the 20th century. When Kagome comes home, Inu-Yasha feels lonely, so he is waiting for Kagome to return.

526x470 65K JPEG

drawn by "Kana(かな)"
Shippo is one of the loveliest apparitions. His expression and gesture are very lovely and quite cute! If he comes in the 20th century, he will surely achieved great popularity.

Combat situation
464x705 74K JPEG

drawn by"Asagao (朝顔)"
Inu-Yasha inherited the sword called Tetsusaiga from his late father. The sword is designed taht the highest performance is demonstrated when Inu-Yasha uses it,However, it is difficult to master it, then he is still trying and erring.

472x705 83K JPEG

drawn by "Asagao (朝顔)"
Sesshomaru is a half elder brother of Inu-Yasha. He tries to deprive of the sword called Teshusaiga which Inu-Yasha has. However, even if he gets it, he will not be able to master it. Because, it has been optimized for Inu-Yasha.

Not Dreaded to Die
640x480 23K JPEG

drawn by "mei (Hanao:★花音)"
Kikyo was not dreaded to die. She was a really brave shrine maiden. She was falling in love with Inu-Yasha, and hoped to stop the shrine maiden and to live with him. However, she dies, and has revived temporarily according to apparition's power now.....

608x386 37K JPEG

drawn by "Ookami Hono(FireWolf)"
Inu-Yasha had loved Kikyo before. Perhaps, his love to Kikyo has not changed now. However, he seems to be falling in love with Kagome, too. He is doing an indecisive character, but he sometimes expresses positive love to Kagome. Kagome is made to be puzzled to his action.

529x567 54K JPEG

drawn by "Ookami Hono(FireWolf)"
Kikyo was a shrine maiden who had the pretty face of the highest class. She fell in love with Inu-Yasha though he was a punished object originally. If Inu-Yasha is possible to become a complete man, Kikyo will lose her ability as the shrine maiden at the same time. Then, they might have lived together as a nomal man and woman.

731x929 67K JPEG

drawn by "Ookami Hono(FireWolf)"
Inu-Yasha hopes to get the strongest power in the apparition, and hopes to have human's mind. Do his two hope coexist?

Inu-Yasha Fan Art

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