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Inu-Yasha Fan Art

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Kouga glacial
700x601 97K JPEG

drawn by "Holly-Beth"
Kouga is his apparition clan's leader. His eyes are glacial, and he is comparatively powerful. Kouga frankly makes his opinion. He declared that he loves Kagome, and she becames his partner. On the other hand, Inu-Yasha is extremely indecisivethough he likes Kagome, too. Their character are symmetrical!

Rin wearing kimono
309x700 58K JPEG

drawn by "Holly-Beth"
Rin is a solitary girl who lost her parents in her very young. She was being persecuted by the villager. Now she is protected in Sesshomaru who is the elder brother of Inu-Yasha. Her smiling face is quite cute and innocent. If she puts on beautiful Kimono, it must be suit.

Miroku's smile
346x600 60K JPEG

drawn by "Holly-Beth"
Miroku is one of the most popular character in Inu-Yasha comics. There are a lot of Fan Art about him. His character is not always good because he often meddle in girls. However, he is very handsome, and he sometimes doing reliable activity. Therefore, these point makes him attractive.

363x327 22K JPEG

drawn by "Holly-Beth"
This is Shippo transformed to the apparition. How humorous he is! He is young , but he is a true apparition. And, he is always going with Kagome and Inu-Yasha and their companions.

Sango with Mt.Fuji
552x400 74K JPEG

drawn by "Ookami Hono(FireWolf)"
Sango's clothes, if anything, are extremely modern. Especially, her combat clothes do not exist in the historical fact of Japan. It is created in the comic only. Yet, it harmonizes with the scenery of Japan well. :)

800x1173 112K JPEG

drawn by "Asagao (朝顔)"
Originally, Kouga is a villain in comics. So he is disliked existence among the fans. But he gets high popular unexpectedly. It might be due to the following reasons that he expresses his feelings very frankly. His accuracy is contrasted with indecisive Inu-Yasha!

Inuyasha's Heart.
400x602 62K JPEG

drawn by "Ookami Hono(FireWolf)"
Inu-Yasha is a mixed blood boy. He was born between apparition's father with human's mother. Therefore, he has both man's mind and apparition's mind. It is said that he might forget man's mind when he finishes his becoming an apparition.
This sketch done in marker, on pencilboard, color in Adobe, Hono said.

445x594 73K JPEG

drawn by "Kana"(かな)
They are traveling around the Civil War Age of the Middle Ages Japan together. Their common purposes are to collect "gems of Shikon". In other purposes, their speculations are not necessarily same, but they unite for a common purpose.

956x642 29K GIF

drawn by "Tonchan"(トンちゃん)
This fan art of Inu-Yasha is deformed a little. Its design is very humorous. Especially, his eyes are lovely, these are as if the eye of a young boy!

450x450 15K GIF

drawn by "Juri"(珠里)
Inu-Yasha gets very high popularity among girls. The reason is said that his circumstances, the personal history, and the character are attractive.

Inu-Yasha Fan Art

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