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Inu-Yasha Fan Art

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A Love Triangle
566x425 63K GIF

drawn by "Tayuto"(たゆと)
Kikyo, Kagome, and Inu-Yasha are a kind of eternal triangle. Inu-Yasha loves Kikyo when he meets her, but he falls in love with Kagome when he meets her, too. The reason for the cause of the eternal triangle is that Inu-Yasha is indecisive!

Comically Inuyasha
808x1121 153K JPEG

drawn by "Fuchihara Yumi"(ふち原由実)
This Fan Art is drawn a little comically. They are somewhat deformed compared with an original character.
So its comical decoration expresses another charm of Kagome and Inu-Yasha!

Moonlight Night
640x480 38K JPEG

drawn by "mei"(mei)
Kikyo and Inu-Yasha had been in love each other, but they did not have a time so much to talk only them.
It might have been an empty dream that they had spent happy time under the moonlight night.

749x797 55K GIF

drawn by "Marimo"(まりも)
Sesshomaru is a half brother of Inu-Yasha. His character is very cruel, and he is often aiming at his younger brother Inu-Yasha's life.

Sadness Kikyo
580x550 62K JPEG

drawn by "Chi'na"(チナ)
Kikyo was burdened with many sorrows. She died as her shrine maiden. She hoped to live as a usual woman and made a living with Inu-Yasha who became complete human.

480x700 54K JPEG

drawn by "MIROKU-sama Love"(弥勒様Love)
Miroku is an mysterious monk. He is a little indecent, but he is very popular among Japanese girls. The painter of this fan art is fourteen years old girl who is ardent fans of Miroku, too. This fan art means that Miroku said to Naraku, "My face might be indecent, but it's none of your business.

640x480 101K JPEG

drawn by "mei"(mei)
This fan art are embroidered with peculiar effect. It looks like a patch of paper. The technique bring out an another charm of Kikyo. She might fall in love with Inu-Yasha in the flower field.

Kikyo's Deep-Seated Grudge
767x474 104K JPEG

drawn by "Rail"
Kikyo and Kagome are a kind of rival. It is said that Kagome is reborn of Kikyo, but the truth is uncertain. Kikyo and Inu-Yasha were in lovewith each other before, now Kagome is falling in love with him. Therefore, the Kikyo's deep-seated grudge might be point to Kagome.

Sesshomaru and Rin
564x834 98K JPEG

drawn by "The Auther T"(作者T')
Sesshomaru is a half brother of Inu-Yasha. His mother is a complete hobgoblin. So he is a perfect hobgoblin differs from Inu-Yasha. The character of Sesshomaru is cruel, but he gets popular comparatively. As for this fan art, he is drawn very comically with a girl Rin.

254x254 05K GIF

drawn by "Holly-Beth"
Shippo is a member of the clan of the hobgoblin. Therefore, he can be transformed to some characters. However, his transformation is very humorous, and does not frighten at all.

Inu-Yasha Fan Art

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