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Inu-Yasha Fan Art

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Miroku for Love
640x700 81K JPEG

drawn by "MIROKU-sama Love"(弥勒様Love)
What an attractive Miroku this Fan Art is! He is extremely handsome, and has a lot of charms. A lot of fans hopes that he makes a big impact in various phases.

Memories of Inu-Yasha
605x737 65K JPEG

drawn by "Dayna May"
Inu-Yasha is a mixed blood of man and the hobgoblin. His mother is a human being, though his father is a hobgoblin. He does not have parents' memories so much. But if he recalls the memory of old times, he will learn that he was being embraced by his mother.

At the festival day of the present age
597*735 71K JPEG
drawn by "Dayna May"
Shippo is a hobgoblin of the the Age of Civil Wars. He is still young. He might occasionally travel to Japan of the 20th century with Kagome. If the travel is achieved, he will enjoy the culture of today's Japan.

On the bicycle
612x742 84K JPEG

drawn by "Dayna May"
As for them, all members wear clothes of moden times. Perhaps they might go shopping. Getting on of three people of the bicycle is dangerous, so they might have faced the happening.
Now, in this composition, they seem to be a family!

Ookami Hono
681x990 103K JPEG

drawn by "Sere"
The charm of Inu-Yasha is in his strength. When he combats, his face becomes very serious. He overcomes all the difficulties, and he wins at the end. The material of this picture is an original manga...colored with Adobe and ALOT of time.

453x739 82K JPEG

drawn by "chee"
Kikyo is still a teenager. However, she has the charm of the matured woman. In a sense, she is a woman of the ideal of Japan. When she is standing against the background of the cherry tree, it makes all the people impressed.

Brave Kagome
440x648 88K JPEG

drawn by "Mari Mari"(マリマリ)
Kagome is a usual junior high school student girl in Japan of the 20th century. However, when she goes to the the Age of Civil Wars, she becomes extremely brave. She can master even some arms.

a date in meadow
440x624 73K JPEG

drawn by "Mari Mari"(マリマリ)
It is said that Inu-Yasha likes Kagome. But he cannot obediently say the feelings to her. His character becomes very shy when he meets Kagome. However, he sometimes makes love for her. He must like her very much. They are wonderful couple!

Inu-Yasha with sword
440x637 79K JPEG

drawn by "Mari Mari"(マリマリ)
In this story, Inu-Yasha get a sword. It has some legends, called his father's keepsake. He strengthens very much when you use it, and he will become more and more stronger by his training to use it.

Kikyo and Kagome
440x630 92K JPEG

drawn by "Mari Mari"(マリマリ)
Kagome is a third grade of junior high-school student who lives in Japan of the present age. Kikyo is a shrine maiden who lives in the the Age of Civil Wars. They might be connected by some connections, but its realities is not almost elucidated yet. This Fan Art makes us associate that the possession of a lot of common points to them.

Inu-Yasha Fan Art

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