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Inu-Yasha Fan Art

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Characters of Inu-Yasha
640x430 68K JPEG

drawn by "Kuroda Kumi"(黒田久美)
This is a very splendid watercolor. Kagome has the gem of "Shikon". In the watercolor, this gem is very beautiful. To our regret,the shine has gone out when it scanning.


600x727 85K JPEG
drawn by "Holly-Beth Kraft"
This is a very precise illustration drawn with the colored pencil. Her pupil seems to tempt us.

Inu-Yasha characters
600x750 72K JPEG

drawn by "Holly-Beth Kraft"
There are 9 Inu-Yasha characters at this fan art. He drew it in pencil, then scanned it, brought it into Photoshop, and then colored it.

402x472 39K JPEG

drawn by "Jupamana"
This artwork draws Kagome seating on the lawn. She is very cute.
The painter of this artwork is a high school student in Scotland and alsolearning to speak Japanese.

Inu-Yasha and Kikyo
300x450 41K JPEG

drawn by "Shonosuke"(しょうのすけ)
Inu-Yasha gave his heart to Kikyo. She turnsd her thoughts toward their affection, also. However, they were not able to become happy. He looks somewhere with a vacant stare.

631x877 80K JPEG

drawn by "Jupamana"
This is some rough sketch of Kagome drawn with the pencil. She is very rich in expressions.

640x448 26K JPEG

drawn by "Jupamana"
This is some rough sketch of Shippou drawn with the pencil. He is very small, but he often play very good job by practicing his magic.

341x440 117K JPEG

drawn by "Shelly Pellerin"
This is some rough sketch of Inuyasha drawn with the pencil. He is a mixed blood of man and the apparition . Therefore, his ear has peculiar shape.

Kagome wearing clothes
404x600 55K JPEG

drawn by "Komiya Rie"(小宮莉衣)
She graduated from the illustration department of the special school this year and found employment in the company which assumes design to be business.

Posing Inu-Yasha

404x600 73K JPEG
drawn by "Yamabuki Kazumi"(山吹かずみ)
She is a high school student who is aiming at entering in the art university.

Inu-Yasha Fan Art

[Vol.1] [Vol.2] [Vol.3] [Vol.4] [Vol.5] [Vol.6] [Vol.7]

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